Info from the OCS Fundraising Chair…

Greetings from your OCS fundraising chair! To keep costs down we have a couple of major fundraising events throughout the year.

The first up is our TEAM SPONSORSHIP opportunity. Attached is the flyer that you can use when approaching businesses. Please print off a couple and ask 3-5 business owners. Examples: Dentist/Ortho, Hairdresser, Financial planner, Lawn service provider etc...

You will be successful approaching people you already have a relationship with and they would love to support your daughter in a sport she loves. Each swimmer will receive a team T-shirt to wear that will advertise all of our sponsors.

Next opportunity is simply registering your Kroger plus card to support OCS and then some other online options. (FYI...Giant Eagle only supports schools). Attached is a flyer with instructions on how to do this! ENTER to WIN a team OCS suit by sending me screenshot of your card linked!

Next month we will have the team apparel shop setup and Escape from Alcatraz event info!

Thank you for your time and efforts in supporting our team! Reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,

Tannile Ortiz

OCS Fundraising Chair

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Escape Alcatraz Fundraiser and Team Apparel Shop

Coming soon!